At AGP, we specialize in integrated marketing communications – communications that work together to generate more value for you than the sum of their parts.

AGP isn’t just a PR firm, or a website developer, or a graphic design house, or an advertising agency. We’re all of those things.

And your work is personal to us. Whether you need an ad or a website, a strategic plan or a fully integrated marketing communications program … and the content to support it … it’s never “just another job” to us.  It’s “who we are,” and we give it everything we’ve got … every single time.

After all, your ROI is riding on our ability to care as much as you do … about your company, your subject, your audience, your message and your budget. And we do.

That’s why clients from mid-Michigan to Shanghai choose AGP. Why they trust us. And why they come back to us again and again.