At AGP, you always get the “A” team.
That’s one of the benefits of working with a small, close-knit group of multitalented professionals who sit within collaborative shouting distance of one another. When a project comes through the door, everyone jumps in. It’s a no-barriers world where information, ideas and creative concepts flow freely.

Someone once asked one of our employees what “AGP” stands for. To which she replied, “All good people.” And that’s the truth. Masters of their trade. Passionate about their work. Giving back to their community and their world. These are the people who make AGP “tick.”

      • Dan Attenberger


      • Margaret Guzzardo


    • Suzanne Ramos

      Senior Copywriter

    • Ryan Ruszala

      Tech Communications Specialist

    • Alisha Toyzan

      Copywriter/Project Manager

  • Lindsay Allen


  • MaryBeth O’Connor

    Senior Designer

  • Kelly Sutton

    Graphic Designer

  • Diane Colvin

    Client Support Coordinator

  • Julie Foster


  • Angus Toyzan

    Happiness Resources Officer